Why I began Lelo’s Journal

Hello, my loves, welcome to this week’s episode of Lelo’s Journal. This week we look at why Lelo decided to start a blog.

This post is actually well overdue since my blog is over a year old now and I have no solid reason why it hasn’t been published. Perhaps because I didn’t really have a reason as to why I began my blog but I knew I just wanted to have a blog. As time has progressed I’ve grown into being able to reason why I began Lelo’s Journal.

Well I love to talk and I’m very camera shy (I’m well aware that I have a YouTube channel) so that kind of sums up why I chose to blog. You’re probably thinking “Don’t you have friends to talk to?” I do have friends to talk to, but I don’t, I’m weird like that. A living contradiction if I may.  On the real though, I enjoy writing and it makes me happy. Plus, I love having an excuse to go sit at Starbucks and act boujee like I’m doing right now writing this piece.

I enjoy making connections and learning so my hope is to connect with people from all walks of life and learn something from each and everyone of you. I’m genuinely interested in you and the reason for your presence on earth. I find humans fascinating, especially your story, the one that makes you who you are today. Experiences that shaped you to be exact. It honestly intrigues me how we are all alike and yet so different and I believe we’ve all got something we can teach the next person so I’m hoping I’m that next person.

We’re a hurt society for the most part and we use humor to “deal” with what we’re going through, I know I do. I began my blog so I can have a conversation with you and change lives where I can. I had no niche hence the name “Lelo’s Journal” my blog is my journal where I will share my own personal stories, my opinions and the stories of others that want their story shared. I have noticed I enjoy talking about matters of the heart, self- development and I post a lot of foodie pictures on my Instagram so perhaps I’ll end up having those as my main topics to discuss on my blog.

I invite you to grow with me, cry with me, heal with me and laugh with me. Hopefully that’s not too much to ask of you.

-Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

2 thoughts on “Why I began Lelo’s Journal

  1. I would love to hear your view on anxiety and depression among students and adults alike. In the sense of how to take measures to improve of rid yourself of such negative emotions / feelings. or how to cope with them

    1. Mental health is a topic dear to my heart so I’ll definitely be writing about it soon and I’ll tackle your ask first expect a post in the month of March

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