Who are you?

Who are you?

My truth, my being, my relation to mother nature

She never spares the rod, her parenting style encompasses the four elements she is

She sets my soul alight and mends the cracks in my earth

She breathes air into me and wipes the water that drips down my face from time to time

I write all this to say, your life experiences are the truths you tell when asked “who are you?” and you have no answer because you’ve been so busy surviving, not living and all you have of yourself is a hallow being filled with stories of what was, what is and hopes of what could be.

Adjectives you would use to “tell me about yourself” are mostly a blurred reflection, a projection of the worlds thoughts on who you are, not forgetting they answer in relation to their experience with you and we all know we are multifaceted beings, so how accurate are these adjectives being used?

I am broken, holistically unhealthy and hurt. I am also whole, content in the woman I am becoming and blessed. Dependent on their behavior, many experience a different side of me. So, in short, do not try me. I am friendly, not your friend – That is who I am.

The contradiction is acceptance. I have accepted where life has taken me and the process of growth required to move from who I am to who I want to be.

Who are you?

-Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

2 thoughts on “Who are you?

  1. Personal Experience and realizing your worth is the best medicine one can have. I like the simplicity of your piece ❤️

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