What is love to you?

What is love to you?

The feeling of genuine love is generally indescribable, at least for me it is. Trying to describe it would read as follows: Love to me is sacrifice, communication, compromise and all the good stuff that you can think of, that gives you warm fuzzy feelings inside. What I’m trying to say is, love is choosing to choose me everyday despite my short comings and what life throws my way.

I wrote this piece for people such as myself who sometimes struggle at showing love, I hope you learn something about yourself after reading this post.

It’s February! World widely known as the month of L O V E. So I have to ask, what is your love language? If you don’t know what a love language is or what they are, let me school you a little. What a ‘love language’ basically is, is how you perceive what love is. There is a book called “The Five Love Languages” by Gary Chapman and in it he “outlines five ways to express and experience love”.

The five love languages are: words of affirmation; acts of service; quality time; receiving gifts and physical touch. If you are looking to make your friendship or relationship work, then it’s important to know your love language and how to communicate it. Let me tell you why…

I took an online quiz to help me determine what my love language(s) is(are), and I must say I was shocked by the results, but when I sat back and thought about it, the results were how I experience and express love. Finding this out was really helpful because it was easier for me to teach people how to love me and how to show people that I love them according to their love language(s).  When I express to those close to me how to care for me, it makes getting along so much easier.

I’ve been in uncomfortable situations where a friend would be going through a difficult time and I would not know what to do to help them get through it. My heart was in the right place but it was painful not being able to express love the way they needed me to. The same way it’s easier to buy your friend a gift from a list of things they told you they would like to have, is the same way communication will flow better between you and your friend/partner (Just because you told them what you would like to have, won’t make the gift any less special).

If you fail at expressing your love for another human being or experiencing it, I suggest you take the quiz.

Take the quiz, share what your results are and comment on whether you agree with the outcome or not and why that is.

Let’s chat. Love Lelo

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  1. That’s a beautiful piece. Thanks for reminding us that love is a commandment and not a feeling. So you decide to either love or not to love. And without actions no1 Will experience or feel that love.

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