S/O Friyay

S/O Friyay

S/O Friyay which is short for shout out friyay is all about giving people their flowers while they’re still alive.

The idea behind this category is to show appreciation for the people that help keep us going, whether they know it or not. I also want to help share positive vibes, fill peoples hearts with warmth and have more people with genuine smiles in society.

How it’ll work is pretty simple: Email me what you want the other person to know or what you want the world to know about this person. What makes them special? Why do you feel the need to show your appreciation for them? Hopefully these questions can help give you direction in what you want to say to this person. If you want them tagged in the post on my socials (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook) drop their handles as well and I’ll do best. You have the option of staying anonymous as well. Every Friday or second Friday your post of appreciation could be the one going up. I’m looking forward to reading your stories and sharing your words of appreciation. PS It doesn’t have to be just one person.

“Appreciation can make a day, even change a life. Your willingness to put it all into words is all that necessary.” – Margaret Cousins

Let’s spread cheer, smiles, laughter and make someones day a little bit brighter. I can’t wait to hear from all of you.

-Love Lelo.

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