Part 1: PCOS – “Practise Care Always Sacredly”

Part 1: PCOS – “Practise Care Always Sacredly”

“Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) is a hormonal disorder common among women of reproductive age. Women with PCOS may have infrequent or prolonged menstrual periods or excess male hormone (androgen) levels. The ovaries may develop numerous small collections of fluid (follicles) and fail to regularly release eggs.” – MayoClinic and others.


In layman’s terms PCOS is a hormonal imbalance in a woman’s body. This condition affects 1 in 10 women so if you’re not the one, chances are you know someone who has it. Firstly I just need to say I am not a medical doctor and you should not just take what I’m about to share with you and run with it, speak to a qualified professional who can point you in the right direction.

Now that that’s out the way, let’s get into it! Hi I’m Pabalelo Chaba and I have polycystic ovary syndrome. So apparently once puberty hits, as a female you are supposed to get your period every month and should be concerned if you don’t. I received my first period somewhere around age thirteen and saw it once every blue moon thereafter. My mom was worried but I hated periods with everything that is me so I didn’t mind. What eventually made me want to consult a doctor was the excruciating pain I’d be in whenever that time of the month came. I could barely walk or stand (Yes it was that bad) hence my strong dislike for periods. Fast forward mommy takes me to see her gynecologist (I got to meet the woman that smacked my butt moments after my mom gave birth to me, in a time zone of my life where I’d actually remember her) and on that day at the age of 16 I was diagnosed with PCOS. The consultation basically ended with me being told what I have isn’t curable but treatable, leaving with a prescription of metformin and the pill and being told to lead a healthier lifestyle but for some reason I thought PCOS was just like flu, here today and gone tomorrow, I honestly never thought it was that deep hey but I was wrong.

Living with PCOS turned my life completely upside down, it’s so bad a friend of mine asked if there’s a support group for people like him who have to deal/live with people like me (I laughed at him so bad then told him ‘nah boo, but you can start one though’). PCOS has put your girl through the most and I’m sure anyone diagnosed just like me would agree. The most frustrating thing is that the experience and symptoms are different for everybody. My friend has a bit of facial hair and no mood swings whatsoever, I on the other hand, blow up like a puffer fish and the only thing consistent about my mood swings is it’s inconsistency. The more I learned about PCOS the deeper the hole of depression got especially when I found out PCOS and infertility can be besties at times. I think that’s when I lost it actually because being a mother is something I want more than anything in this world. I let this condition swallow me whole and lost myself in the process, but then I learnt that PCOS doesn’t define me it’s just a part of me, like my bunion.

So you know how they say name your problems and then give them to God? Ladies and Gentlemen I’d like to introduce to you Petunia formerly known as PCOS. I’ve been trying to end my relationship with her for a while now but she keeps insisting we’re for forever and says that she’ll hotspot me her love since I don’t love her anymore. Those in my life whether they know it or not have met Petunia on several occasions (That’s how often she pops up). As earlier mentioned Petunia drove me into depression and I let that happen because I refused to accept that she’s a part of me. But then I did and life got a little bit easier for me. I began investing in noticing Petunia’s patterns and habits and that’s how I began regaining myself. So to my fellow cysters, there’s hope.

Today’s post forms part of a 2 part post series on PCOS (if you will). Today I shared with you my story and a sneak peak into my journey with Petunia. Part 2 of the post will focus on how to get help and my learning to live with Petunia. In the meantime, If you have a PCOS related story please do share, whether it be by email or in the comment section below.

Let’s chat. Love Lelo

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