Multi-dating: Yay or nay?

Multi-dating: Yay or nay?

Ever heard of the phrase “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”? If not, what the phrase means is that you shouldn’t direct all of your energy to a specific thing because if the ‘basket’ falls and all your eggs break (You lose everything). Today we talk about applying this concept to dating. Let’s chat multi-dating sweets.

I couldn’t find the words to describe it so I went to look on the inters of net for a definition and this is what I found for you: “Multi-dating is the act of dating multiple people at the same time. No, it’s not cheating (though it can be a grey area). It’s about maximizing your time, and effort.” This past week I asked some of my friends and followers on Instagram about their opinion on multi-dating and these are a few of their responses “It’s hoeing”, “We trying to find right partners so trying out multiple people at once saves time” and “Well for me it’s quite overwhelming as I can’t keep up with the different personas”

I am all for multi-dating whether you know what you’re looking for or not and here is why, if you don’t know what you’re looking for at least you’ll find out what you don’t want and if you’re fortunate enough to know what you’re looking for, it makes it that much easier to find what you’re looking for. If you’re living in the 21st century you have heard of the dating app tinder which is basically online dating which is indirectly multi-dating. It’s weighing your options before making a commitment and I do not see anything wrong with that.

Multi-dating isn’t having a full blown relationship with multiple people, that’s cheating unless you’re in an open relationship, in that case do you boo. To me multi-dating is like the interviewing process of a job; you have multiple candidates that send in their CV’s or shooting their shot as we call it by either sliding into your DM’s or stopping you for a conversation whenever they see you; the person you approached takes a look through your CV to determine whether you’ve got potential or not, if you do, you guys exchange numbers and set a date; the interview is the series of dates you’ll go on where both of you guys will be deciding which boxes the other person is ticking; from there you either get the job or you don’t. You and I both know that multiple people are interviewed when there is a job post so why can’t the same be done when looking for a spouse?

Problems will arise if there isn’t transparency meaning you should let the other person know that they aren’t the only one wanting to see if they could build with you and if someone catches feelings and assumes that you must sniff out the fact that they caught feelings. The moment you catch feelings and are certain you want an exclusive relationship/ a commitment, speak up and be mature with how you handle the response from the person you’re eyeing.

There is much to say on multi-dating, I’ve said my little piece and would love to hear what you think about multi-dating and why you say what you say.

Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

3 thoughts on “Multi-dating: Yay or nay?

  1. While I agree with multiple dating hey, u can’t rely on one person u are not guaranteed ore his the one and if u lose ul benefit something like when u divorce u k ow u will gain something so I believe in more then o e player just play it safe klaar, this sad hormones isn’t the way depression kills hey and not nice

  2. dating is a foreign language among us, dating is a matter of knowing someone and planting a seed. multi dating is not a problem if youre honest about it.

    lots of heart break would be saved if individuals were honest with themselves from word go.

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