Let’s chat sex – Soul ties can tell your life’s tales

Let’s chat sex – Soul ties can tell your life’s tales

Let’s get to the sexual relations of relationships. For others it’s their bread and butter, for others it’s not their cup of tea but the question remains, is it good to have whilst you’re still LEGALLY single. Yes, you can be in a relationship but when you fill in official documents and you tick single, I’m talking to you.

Let me paint another picture of coitus for you (from a girl’s perspective, sorry guys): You ever been so in love with a gent that you can’t help but smile when he walks up to you? You know his scent from a kilometre away and your cheeks turn red when someone mentions his name? Like the thought of him just makes you happy and when you are in distress, he’s the first person you think of? Now imagine performing the grandest profession of love with him, which would be sex but because he’s your everything we call it making love. In an act so sacred you stare at each other’s souls and watch them bond, forming into one entity. Tingling sensations down your back, post coitus cuddles and talks of the future. A picture that is pure bliss to look at.

Jiki jiki all of a Sunday your man is like I can’t deal or has found greener pastures elsewhere. And you were there within, giving him bread and butter elke dag. Then we wonder why we never stop mourning the death of certain relationships and if you guys live near each other it’s like a recurring death when you see them, so will you ever truly heal? And if yes, when?

I’m not preaching the gospel today, I’m just sharing personal views and experiences. I’ve been in a few “forever’s” for months and some last a couple of years. When we immerse ourselves in love, which is how we should love, let’s be smart about. It’s not just bodily fluids exchanged, it’s hopes and dreams, it’s fears and troubles. It’s till death do us part but sometimes death’s name is Lelo, just saying. So here comes Lelo and she starts cracking your pillar of strength, they eventually tumble over and you’re in therapy and can’t even find the root cause of your inability to be a holistic member of society. Two words; soul ties. I titled this piece “Soul ties can tell your life’s tales” because soul ties can change your life’s direction. It’s really that deep.

Abstain or go get your freak on, just be smart by understanding what you are getting yourself into. There are T&C’s written for a reason you know.

And I promise you won’t die from abstaining hey? Now I’m chatting just a bit to those who want to but think they won’t live to see another day if they abstain. I never thought I’d make it being single for as long as I have but look, I’m still alive, writing.

What are your views on sex in relationships?

-Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

7 thoughts on “Let’s chat sex – Soul ties can tell your life’s tales

  1. Love is the biggest drug on earth, we can tell the bottle our problems, we can smoke off our 99 problems even though a “b*tch” ain’t one…till a “b*tch” is one then you realize you’ve invested feelings which you can’t on a bottle or a wrapped up plants. Humans are spiritual, to create one you need spiritual activities, and sex happens to be THE ONLY ONE NATURAL. If we can have a whole human being out of sex then think about it a little deeper, lol. Though I don’t know about abstaining

    1. So are we saying sex is like a kiss? Because some people say the relationship wouldn’t carry on if they didn’t experience a certain feeling or if the person couldn’t kiss

    1. Mostly doubting one’s feelings towards another just need that one thing to justify a reason not to continue with a relationship.. Like a kiss. Had feelings for her but wasn’t really interested or got turned off someway, takes that one kiss to speed up the process. But it was never about it being a bad kiss. Just an excuse to leave.

  2. Sex is always better with emotion because it is what creates true passion. A want for one person, their intellect, mental and physical formulates explosiveness between two people. Lust and infatuation often gets confused with real feelings and/or love but never last long. If you don’t know how to make love to a woman’s mind making her soul climax then sex will always just be sex. (Reread that line).
    True love takes getting to know someone and truly caring for each other over an extended time period providing the groundwork for passion because you are emotionally connected, vested and physically attracted! Real love creates real emotion resulting in real passion that takes lovemaking to its highest level and intensity!

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