Lelo’s Diary

Lelo’s Diary

The journey to self love is a trap. It is all smiles and cute on the gram meanwhile it is excruciating behind closed doors. I do not smile and try appearing picture perfect because I want to, it is to stop people from asking what is wrong. I wish we lived in a universe where imperfection is appreciated because we are honestly all going through our own ishh. A community of love and growth to nurture generations that find being alive a blessing as opposed to a curse. We see flames on a daily thinking God has it out for us when that is not the case. Our faith is weak, and our hope is lost, all in the name of instant gratification. What is your life like offline? How long would it take for you to give a proper answer? If you must think about it, you probably spend too much time online. Switch off, zone out, find out what life is like offline

This is quite a lot to digest but it is honestly a letter to myself, I hope you enjoyed the read.

Love. Lelo.

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