Lelo chat’s with Nadora Intimates

Lelo chat’s with Nadora Intimates

1. Hey, could you give a short bio about yourself and your relation to Nadora Intimates.

Hey guys, my name is Andile Mkhize, I’m 22 years old and an Accounting student at DUT. I am also the founder and CEO of Nadora Intimates (Pty) Ltd.

2. How did you come up with the name for your business?  

I found our name on Pinterest actually, I wanted something that really has meaning and can live up to its name whilst being feminine and marketable hence Nadora. It means “Beautiful Gift” in Greek and I truly believe that Nadora Intimates is a gift from God.

3. How did the idea for your business come about?  

It was a Sunday morning and my sister and I were at my grandmother’s place eMlazi and our cousin was like she wants to start a product business and my sister was like she also wants to sell sunglasses. I also jumped in onto the idea and suggested we sell lingerie and it will be like a family business. So we started that business which was Lueur Lingerie and they parted due to it not being what they wanted any more and so I began Nadora Intimates.

4. Why are you in business?

The gift of being able to create something from scratch and watching it grow into a big brand loved by many is phenomenal and to especially create it for women is why I continue doing what I do.

5. What services/products does your business offer/manufacture?

Nadora Intimates provides sexy lingerie, swimwear and a few sex toys to women of all demographics.

6. Why did you decide on offering/manufacturing these specific services/products?

I love providing products that bring out confidence, self love, that feeling of sexiness and comfort in a woman’s body. 

7. What problem do you feel your business solves, be it locally or internationally?

The problem that we are solving is really that a lady can never have enough intimates or sexy underwear. If you look good, you feel good and that starts from underneath your clothes.

8. What type of impact do you want your business to have on women in society regarding how they view themselves and their own sexual liberation?

Our brand focuses on creating a community where women are reminded to always love themselves, their bodies are beautiful and getting them to feel comfortable and sexy always. We don’t promote sex, but we promote women looking and feeling sexy for themselves and sex toys for their own personal private sexual liberation.

9. How do you want people to perceive your business? When I have noticed the brand Nadora Intimates, what should be the first thing to come to mind?

The first thing that should come to your mind when you see Nadora Intimates is sexy and comfort.

10. What should we expect from Nadora Intimates in the next 5-10 years?

You can definitely expect Nadora Intimates to be everyone’s first stop lingerie brand. Our aim is to become one of Africa’s biggest lingerie brands. 

11. What is unique about the brand Nadora Intimates?

Nadora Intimates caters for all sizes, all ages, all demographics. It is comfortable to wear in the bedroom and comfortable to dress it up and wear in public. So it is definitely for everyone.

12. Why should I trust the brand Nadora Intimates over other brands?

You can trust us not because we say so but because our customers do, our reviews speak for themselves and they are available on our Instagram page @nadora_intimates and our website www.nadoraintimates.com. 

13. What was the last big achievement for the business?

Our biggest achievement to date definitely the launch of our website which was on the 1st of May 2020. It has taken a lot of preparation and work, providing convenience to our customers is something that is really important to us. 

14. What is the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome running your business?  

I would say the biggest obstacle that we have overcome is our mindset. Teaching ourselves to look at every setback as an opportunity for growth has been hard but we’ve overcome that. With that being said we have setbacks but nothing we can’t find a solution too. Every problem has a solution. 

15. How does your business give back to the community?

Our brand doesn’t give back to the community as yet but one of our core values is education and we would love to set up a foundation for students struggling to pay their fees.

16. How do I go about purchasing your product/service and after how long can I expect to receive them?

Our products are available on our website www.nadoraintimates.com and they arrive 1 – 3 working days and for international delivery 7 – 14 working days delivered straight to your door. 

17. Do you have any advice for people looking to begin a business?

If it’s worth it, don’t give up. Find something that you’re good at and work on perfecting that skill. Eventually your work will speak for itself.

18. Anything else you would like for us to know about Nadora Intimates?  

There’s definitely more to come with Nadora Intimates in terms of elevating our brand and our content. Follow us on Instagram @nadora_intimates to stay tuned and definitely shop on our website www.nadoraintimates.com.

12 thoughts on “Lelo chat’s with Nadora Intimates

  1. I enjoyed reading this interview. Such an inspiring young entrepreneur. It’s true that believing in your idea, dream and business will always bring you far. Thanks for sharing her beautiful story

  2. The most inspiring /supportive person I know.. always wanna c others win… I really loved the interview, God continue blessing you as you inspire millions out there

  3. My friend introduced me to Lueur Lingerie. I haven’t bought any lingerie from them but I tell everyone I know about them. But today it’s my day. I’m making my order today. I’m tired of daydreaming. They have the best lingerie and very affordable. I can’t wait to buy my own

  4. Such an informative and inspiring chat! Heading over to get me some items! Love the drive & passion behind the brand! Women in business showing the world flames! Love to see it!

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