How unaddressed stress almost ruined my weekend

How unaddressed stress almost ruined my weekend

I’ve been really stressed these past few weeks but last week took the cake, I was forgetting things and my brain just wouldn’t work with me. On Thursday I had a tutorial test I was writing and my brain legit shutdown the morning of. It was like “You can go to campus if you want to but leave me out of your plans” That very same evening I had an online test I forgot to do, I only remembered on the road to my sister-in law’s place and I don’t even know why or how I remembered.

When I’m this stressed everything about me shuts down, I don’t want a crowd, I don’t want my phone, I don’t want food, I don’t want to go out, all I want is an ear from a specific person. I couldn’t get that so I opted to visit my sister in law and niece for the weekend. Friday I decided to skip school and leave early because I honestly couldn’t spend another waking moment in Hatfield. I woke up early, chowed my phones battery and when it was time to leave, I realised I need to charge my phone, so while my phone was busy charging I decided to give myself a mini face beat.

Phone is fully charged so now it’s time to leave. My ride from Pretoria to Johannesburg was a swift one. Got out of the taxi at my sister-in law’s place and was greeted by her younger brother. They own dogs so I was screaming “voetsek/move” the entire way as I was making my way into the house. Then I opened the kitchen door, made my way to the main bedroom and was greeted by beautiful smiles, warm hugs and kisses. My heart melted and I immediately felt at home after that. From there, I headed straight to the fridge because I made the dumb decision to leave Hatfield without eating so I was famished by the time I got to  sister-in law’s place. The rest of the evening is a blur but I remember cake, strawberries, cookies and ice-cream.

Saturday morning we had to get ready to go to Emperors palace to gamble and enjoy the day. I had never been to Emperors palace before, I had only seen it in passing so I was very excited to go, like a kid in a candy store type of excitement. There was gambling, free drinks and food involved to it’s safe to say I was a very happy and exhausted girl by the day. First on the agenda was food, my sister-in law used to work at Emperors so she went to greet her old boss and her boss took us to a buffet restaurant for lunch. From there we went gambling and while we were gambling my uncle called us and asked if we didn’t wanna see naked girls. My sister-in law and I were both confused but agreed, only to find out that his definition of naked is a girl in a bikini. He was talking about the Hooters pageant, he got us VIP tickets so we were front and center looking at “naked” girls. We spent most of our afternoon there before we left.


Sunday morning I had to get ready to leave but before that I had a chance to mingle with my nephews that came to visit very early in the morning, my definition of very early being 9 am because I am not a morning person at all. We played, I fed them, we laughed and took tons of selfies.

From there I had a photo shoot session with the little princess that was very funny. My sister-in law is pregnant with her second child so I had the bright idea of printing an eviction notice for my niece’s cot since she wouldn’t be using it anymore.

It’s 3pm now and time to say goodbye because Hatfield or rather the life of being a student  was calling my name. By 5pm I was at my apartment and fell dead asleep till around 8pm. I woke up hungry and wasn’t in the mood to cook so I ordered food. On my way to fetch my food, I forget my keys in my apartment so I basically locked myself outside of my apartment. I’m calling everyone I can think of looking for a place to crash because I was not about to pay R500 + labour to get back into my apartment. No one answered and the ones that did answer couldn’t help. I had a mini emotional breakdown as I was waiting for the locksmith to arrive. Soon after the locksmith arrived, husby arrived for moral support. It took roughly an hour to 90mins to break into my place and it cost me a painful amount of money too. The locksmith left with his money and I spent the rest of my Sunday night singing HSM music and chatting with husby over tea and honey.

When I left Johannesburg for Hatfield I honestly thought I was in a better place mentally but looks like I need some more down time to reflect and figure out how to do better. What do you do when you need to mentally check out and just breathe?

-Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

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