How do I become your friend?

How do I become your friend?

Friendship – “A relationship between friends”.

Acquaintance – “A person one knows slightly, but who is not a close friend”.

Relationship – “The way in which two or more people or things are connected”.

The definitions are endless for the terms “friendship” and “acquaintance” and just when they seem to intertwine, they begin to become exact opposites of each other. According to ‘textbook’ definition, the moment we meet and interact we have a relationship with each other. Now when I hear relationship, the first thing I think of is love and love is a feeling, so I presume it’s safe to say in all relationships we have, certain feelings are involved. The problem seems to arise when lines aren’t drawn and/or intentions aren’t stated.

Personally growing up I assumed everyone was my friend and that we all loved each other and we all shared with one another, but boy was I mistaken! The word “acquaintance” was never in my vocabulary till I noticed that some ‘friends’ didn’t feel the same way I felt about them. Life lessons shoved the term down my throat and from that moment I realized that it is very important to know and understand the difference between the two words.

But now what happens when I take a liking into the energy another person gives off and would like to become more than just an acquaintance? Do I approach you and say “hey, I like your vibe, can I be your friend?” I mean that’s how romantic relationships are formed in my experience. Growing up we couldn’t really dictate our surroundings and we were guaranteed to see the same faces on a daily, so our friendships/relationships with these people grew organically because of that. Now as a young adult in university, we could literally meet a person once and never see them again. Now the question is, do we shoot our shot? Or let them go because we’re still stuck on the tip that friendships need to form organically?

I’d appreciate an organic friendship any day because of the time and effort we would have both put in, the mutual feelings would speak for themselves. But in this day and age, if the vibe feels right and the conversation is flowing, I would shoot my shot. Guardian angels come in different forms and I wouldn’t want lose out on one of mine because I risked not seeing them again.

Shoot your shot and state your intentions, best case scenario you gain a friend and worst case you both remain acquaintances.

Thanks for reading. Stay blessed.

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