Happy 21st Birthday Lelo!

Happy 21st Birthday Lelo!

29.06.2019 – Chapter twenty-one has finally and I am both in denial and excited about turning this ‘big’ age. I had an absolutely amazing day and loved every single minute of my birthday. Here is the tea on how it all went down…

My twin arrived two weeks prior and my wife the night before (My twin is actually my cousin Judy and my wife is actually a very good friend. We aren’t legally married but the love is that real) . When the wife arrived, chaos began because we hadn’t been together in almost 3 months so organically we caught up on each others lives over grapes. I walked into adulthood receiving a kiss from my wife and happy birthday was sung to me by Thabang aka Catering Equipment (We were on a video call at the time), my twin and wife. We eventually fell asleep around 03h00 but we needed to be up by 06h00 to get ready for the day because we had a spa appointment for 09h00. I apparently take the longest to get ready so I had to be up first. We were late waking up but on time for our appointment (It was a very beautiful look at God moment because we wouldn’t have been able to finish our treatments otherwise).

We got to the spa filled in what needed to be filled in and began acting brand new. It was my first time at a spa, it was my birthday and so I acted like it. The best part was that my girls were my hype-women so I wasn’t acting silly by myself. We received hand and foot scrubs and massages, full body aromatherapy and hot stone massages, a head massage and to top it off we had good food! We slept late, woke up early then when to get massages so you can imagine how sleepy we were, and it was that good knock out sleep too but we couldn’t sleep because we weren’t done celebrating.

Next on the to do list was a photo shoot simple because some memories need to be captured. We shot at Jan Celliers Park here in Pretoria. The park is really beautiful and made me realize that I need to go out more often because I clearly don’t know Pretoria at all. The photographer was my friend Oarabile (@oraabz), apart from being my friend I picked him because he’s good at what he does but you don’t have to take my word for it, take a look at my pictures and let me know what you think.

Is it really a celebration if good company isn’t accompanied by good food? I don’t think so. After the photoshoot we headed to Life Grand Café for some really good food. We all ordered the same things because we wanted everyone to stick to their plate.

It’s now roughly 20h00, we’re back at the flat and are extremely exhausted! Ain’t nobody had time for happy birthday to be sung again so that the cake can be cut. By 22h00 we were all knocked out.

A special S/O to everyone who called, texted, sang and basically made my even more beautiful. I appreciate your efforts and love you beyond measure.

Check out my Instagram if you’re looking for more visual detail of my birthday.

Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

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