Guess who’s back?

Guess who’s back?

What meant to be a two week hiatus turned into a +- two month hiatus simply because the inevitable happened and a girl (me) needed to redirect her energy and sort out her life. She is still in the process of sorting but the hiatus has come to an end abo love(it means my loves).

We have heard them all, from ” change is inevitable” to “change is the only constant in life” and between you and me, I have been in denial about the truth in these statements. Picture this, you are floating in the ocean in the middle of somewhere and out of nowhere your peace gets disturbed by a major current that doesn’t know how to mind its business. Now it’s basically sink or swim and the fun part is that you don’t know how to swim. Why is it fun you ask? Well it’s fun because it makes for an interesting plot twist. Any-who, if you are like me, you are probably repenting and saying your last prayer, if you’re like the next person you’re calm because God got you right? He’s speaking to you through your gut feeling and you begin thriving despite the major current (please keep in mind this is fiction). Having the ability to be the other person sounds nice right? At this point I also don’t want to be me.

And that abo love was the problem, that was my problem. Whilst dealing with the major current my mindset/ mentality was roaming and when the service came back, I went from thriving to surviving. I suffered from mild amnesia (not literally, I just trying to make a point) and forgot that God got me. Unhealthy habits developed and I found myself imprisoned by myself.

So I had to crawl back to His Word because His strength is perfected in my weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9). His Word, good friends with tons of waffle and ice-cream dates (I’m making it a thing if it isn’t already), comedy specials of my favorite comedians, binge watching a series and neglecting my responsibilities for a little while just to touch base with myself again helped me notice the rainbow after the storm.

My point is that change is a lot of things, it is inevitable, painful, necessary and beautiful all at once but your mindset dictates whether you become a victim or victor when the storm is over. One last thing, I recently read this from an Instagram post: ” I asked God to help me grow, it started raining.”

What do you do to deal with change when it comes your way?

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  1. What a good read. I am glad that you knew what to do to get back to yourself, you didn’t do it alone and that you took your time. When change comes I pray and ask what’s the lesson and then I sit down and take notes but first I need to be dramatic about it.

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