Empathy goes a long way

Empathy goes a long way

I’d like to believe the writer(s) of the movie Joker has either known no peace or has an amazing third eye. What I mean by amazing third eye is that the writer(s) ability to see life for what it is and put it to paper/ film is astounding. If you haven’t watched the movie I suggest you do and when you do watch the movie, pay attention to the story line and read in between the lines. I believe the movie is more than just about: “A failed stand up comedian is driven insane and becomes a psychotic murderer.”. Don’t worry there won’t be any movie spoilers in today’s post.

Joker is the epitome of “be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about”. I know I just said that there wouldn’t be any spoilers but I kind of regret it so I’ll just say sorry in advance. Joker basically killed people that were unkind to him, as wrong as it was I get why he did it.

Let me paint a picture for you. We’ve all got a purpose in life which is basically the center of your being. Your purpose defines your existence. If you haven’t figured out what your purpose is you most probably have people like family and/or things like spiting your ex for breaking up with you, that keep you going almost the same way discovering your purpose would. Imagine losing all of that in a period that would make you go through the five stages of grief namely; denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance but only making it to the third stage which is bargaining and going off on a limb from there that leads to insanity (for lack of a better word). Imagine being in a state of having nothing to lose. There is no telling what you would and wouldn’t do, becoming a murder being one of them

Here is another short and sweet mental picture painting; ever been exhausted in every sense of the word working on a project that meant the world to you? I mean mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically exhausted and felt you had just one try left in you only for an idiot to come and make things worse?

Life as is feels like mission impossible for some of us, don’t be that idiot that kicks a person while they’re down because you might end up getting shot. There is no telling what the person you’re being unkind to might do to you. That person just might be the next Joker and you his first fix, I say fix because the Joker became the Joker after he had killed his first three victims. It was as if killing people that had wronged him was the therapy he needed, it became the drug that made him happy. Three idiots’ wrong doing set in motion a consequence that rippled through Gotham city.

Let’s love and be kind to one another even if you feel the person doesn’t deserve it, there’s probably a person that feels the same way about you but you wouldn’t know because they don’t act like it. As opposed to asking for your opinion, I’d like to ask for a favor. Look up the word “empathy” and meditate on it and ask others what they think the word means. When you feel you’ve got the right definition for the word, apply it to your everyday life.

I got this from Pinterest, pick a few you like and become a light for someone blinded by darkness.

And another thing, mental illness is a thing so let’s treat it as such. We’ve all got a little bit of Joker in us. We all need empathy to co-exist in harmony. Being shown empathy goes a long way.

-Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

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