Changing my outlook on change.

Changing my outlook on change.

Did you know “the only constant thing in life is change”? If so why is it so hard to change? How does one get comfortable in the first place since change is constant? I have a theory. I’m going to apply the losing weight analogy to help me better explain.

We’re a society of instant gratified and because of this, a lot of us fail in avenues of life we would have otherwise succeeded had we just kept working smart and being patient. The weight we gain over Dec holidays is gained gradually without us noticing a single thing. Clothes begin to “shrink” in the tumble dryer because we refuse to believe that we actually let ourselves go that bad. Some way some how we find the courage to get on a scale and then have the audacity to act shocked that we’ve gained 10+ kg’s as if we weren’t eating like there’s no tomorrow because December. I don’t know about you but I don’t like buying new clothing especially if they have to be in a bigger size so I decide to workout instead but because instant gratification is also a thing, I’m buying everything written weight loss to lose in one week what I gained over roughly 2 months. That makes no logical sense but that’s the sense we apply to our everyday lives.

We don’t take gradual steps for the betterment of our lives and those around us but we’re the first to cry foul when things don’t go our way with regards to goals we want to achieve. I don’t like change at all, I love being in familiar places hence my really loud introverted way of living. I loathe change because it makes me uncomfortable and unhappy most of the time as well but if I want to grow and become a better person I need to fall in love with change and that entails mastering discomfort because in that way mastering living my day-to-day life will become a breeze.

Here’s what I mean by mastering discomfort; change is uncomfortable because it means it’s time to do better and to grow which usually entails pain of some sort being part of the equation and I’d like to believe no one is a fan of pain, I know for a fact that I don’t. Actually when the breakthrough begins and the cracks start to appear that’s where I used to stop because I wanted the hurt to stop but I should have kept going instead because that’s where my character was put to the test and the growth I had been wanting was beginning to form. Then I’d wallow in self pity and the cycle (motivation to change – take steps to change – change begins to hurt – stop changing – self pity for not doing what needed to be done) would repeat itself. My outlook on change is changing ( lol get it?), it’s more positive than it is negative and it’s making my life that much better.

Here’s how I try to master my discomfort:

1. Every night before I get ready for bed I write a to-do list for the following day with time stamps to my tasks (i.e study 14h00-16h00, cook 16h00-17h00). It makes being accountable for time that much easier and the sense of accomplishment when ticking off what you have accomplished that day helps motivate you to keep keeping on.

2. When I get ready for bed I meditate to 10-15mins. This helps clear all negative thoughts I’ve experienced throughout my day and it’s easier for me to become more self aware and honest with how I feel about the change I’m growing through.

3. I journal my days and include brutal honesty about how I did, how I feel and how I sabotaged myself. Self awareness is very important because lying to myself about how I’m doing is dumb and detrimental to my personal development.

4. I have a psychologist I see regularly and explain life from my perspective and get an outsider’s perspective on it because 9 times out of 10 she sees things I don’t and having her as a soundboard helps me make sense of what is happening in my head versus what is happening in my reality

That’s the little bit I do to try and become a better person. What’s your outlook on change and how do you approach change? And remember, master discomfort and you master your life.

-Let’s chat. Love Lelo.

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