6 signs of a one-sided relationship

6 signs of a one-sided relationship

You’ve been in a relationship with this person, you love them wholeheartedly, you’ve opened up your heart but something is still missing. You are always there, selflessly available to your partner no matter your plans, and yet something is still missing — and what’s missing is that you don’t seem to be getting the same level of energy you give in.

People who are usually stuck in a one-sided relationship tend to fool themselves that what they are experiencing is totally normal forgetting that it could actually be toxic in a long run. Don’t be those people, here are 6 signs to spot a one-sided relationship:

Your partner doesn’t create a love map

A love map is how your significant other sees your inner world, your hopes, dreams, desires, fears, insecurities, experiences, memories and a lot more — basically all things that make you.

If your partner isn’t trying to get to know the pieces on your mental chessboard, that’s a sign of a one sided relationship.

You constantly have to make your plans to fit into theirs

If they generally always call the shots on what you should be doing together, where and when so that it’s convenient for them, that’s one sided, especially when they don’t budge when you try to throw in your own suggestions.

It’s your world against theirs. The relationship begins to only work around their schedule.

They cancel plans a lot

That in itself isn’t a bad sign, however, if they are really into you, not even a cold would going keep them from sitting in a movie theatre with you.

If they’re super casual about dismissing plans with you over something lousy reasons, chances are, you’re more invested in them than they are in you.

They use work as a reason to keep you at an arm’s length

I get it, a person who is career driven and motivated is sexy. However, if they are often using work to avoid making definitive plans or use work to justify bailing out at the last second, they could be using their professional life as a crutch.

Ask yourself this: when they have free time, are they trying to spend it with you? If not, you’re looking at a one sided relationship.

You are always the one keeping the convoy going

Not everyone is a huge talker, that’s totally fine, but if there has been a noticeable shift in their responsiveness or if they no longer agree to face to face plans, you may be on uneven terrain.

There is little talk of the future from their end

Lastly, if they avoid talking about the future with you, it’s generally because they don’t want to. Not because they don’t see one, they just don’t want to do it with you. Again that can also be acceptable. However, if you find yourself frequently wanting to have those talks and keep getting a negative response, then it’s safe to say things are one sided.

No matter how in denial you want to be, be sure you don’t ignore these signs.

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